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Pepper’s Fantasy Phone Call

(Ring… Ring… Ring)


   Good evening Mistress, this is Pepper.

Hi!  Good evening.  How are you?

   Well… Im very good and very excited to be speaking with you.

Very good, My pet.  Ive been thinking of you and Im excited to be talking to you too.  Are you wearing your panties and chastity? Read more…

His Mistresses Panties

As he opened the brown cardboard envelope he felt a little shudder of excitement, this could be the package he’d been waiting for all these weeks, he tore the flap carefully & reached inside…..his hand pulled out a small ziplock bag a handwritten note & an unexpected surprise – a CD, The note was short & to the point -‘play this CD now & do not touch the other item until i instruct you to do so’

He took the bag & the CD & all but ran into the bedroom nearly tripping over the lead from his stereo as he went, he quickly shed his clothes & lay down on the bed noticing with relish the feel of the velvet sheets against his now naked skin. Reaching over he took the CD & slipped it into the deck, covered his ears with his headphones & pushed the play button….the sound of soft ethereal music soon filled his ears & soothed his eager mind ….then her voice began to speak to him….. Read more…

Marquesa The Vampire Slayer

They were certainly an unusual trio. The First – because She is always the First! – Was The Magnificent Mysterious Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa de Sade, our Heroine, dressed in a long black, low cut, form fitting, curve-clinging dress. Her perfect face, matchless form and unusual grace turned heads as they walked into the Fetish Ball. Read more…


She closed the baize-covered sound-proof door gently, listening to the steady drone of his voice over the driving beat of the tape.  She felt the return of a flood of excitement & recollection.  She moved quietly on the strip of black carpet to her ‘throne’ on the raised dais, & sat – looking down at the naked man sitting upright on his ‘training chair’ in front of her – eyes shut, as he chanted his litany of subservience. Read more…

“The Present”

“MADAME MARLA’S LINGERIE STORE” said the large illuminated sign hanging over the store front. Brett thought this was worth a look. He liked lingerie on his girlfriend, so why not? He liked to buy her new things to wear every so often to turn him on. And she was only too happy to oblige! This was a new store to him and he hoped to find lots of new tantalizing, and if he was really lucky tasty, treasures there! Read more…


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