“Past pleasures – It all started with a classic cassette tape!”

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon like any other. Finally he had been taking care of myself. Drinking plenty of water, getting 8 hours of sleep a night and focusing on things other than femdomme hypnotism. It seemed that every time he got into a rhythm or became productive something would derail him. Soon he would find himself scanning the net till the wee hours of the morning looking for the next kick, the next quick fix. Something that could break the spell she indefinitely had over him. Sure, he could stay away for a while but he always found himself drifting back, back and back again to the Goddess Marquesa. Read more…


Burton Clay pressed the flashing button on his office intercom. “Yes, Molly?” he asked in the clipped tones of a busy man.

“There is a depositor requesting to see you,” the voice of his secretary reported.

Burton looked at his watch. It was two-thirty. Even with shortened summer hours on a Friday afternoon, the bank would not close for another hour and a half. “All right,” he said into the intercom with weary resignation, “send him in.” Read more…

Goddess of the Flies

            The castaways headed for shade. Their lifeboat had bobbed about for several hours in the previous night’s storm; the placid morning finally found them grounded on a sunny beach that ended at a densely grown forest. There was no one else in sight.

“Bring the emergency kit,” the woman said curtly and with only a slight turn of her head, not deigning to look back at the object of her command. She was extraordinarily beautiful- tall and curvaceous with jet black hair that came down to the center of her back. She was dressed more for an evening on the town than a shipwreck. A short black dress hugged her enticing frame, exposing gorgeous legs sheathed in sheer black hose. Read more…

Rear Window

            The phone rang, it was the line on which those seeking hypnosis called. Goddess Marquesa answered.

            “I can see you,” the voice on the other end of the line said.

            “Of course you can, puppet,” answered the Goddess, her tone playful. “I am always in your mind’s eye, aren’t I?”

            “No. You don’t understand. I can see you right now. You are sitting in a wheelchair by your window. You are wearing a light yellow print dress.”

            Goddess Marquesa looked out her window. It was indeed possible that she could be observed from any of the houses or apartments in view. Her caller might guess that she was wheelchair bound from some postings she had made online, but how would he know what she was wearing? She seemed to have a stalker.

            “Lucky you,” she said nonchalantly. Read more…



            The doorbell rang. Goddess Marquesa sighed. Since injuring her foot, she had been largely housebound, and even common chores like answering the door posed a challenge. Whoever it was had better be on important business. With painful effort, she rose.

            Standing on the front step the Goddess found an attractive brunette. The visitor was tall, late 30’s or early 40’s, wearing a prim pastel lavender skirt suit. Clasped tightly to her breast, bound in black leather with gilt lettering across the cover, was the Holy Bible, held so that the title would be visible to whoever answered the door. Read more…


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