In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter Four – Meeting Requirements

It had known the workmanship as well as the worship of human hands. They had roved over its glazed and shining surface as moonflashes slanted a silver cross onto the figure set in the exact centre of the attic. Not on the ash floor panels but atop a staggered cross pedestal of obsidian, a thinner square of the stuff set at a diamond angle to the cross and radiating out by three extra feet. She looked down from a height of almost 6 feet, clay body formed after that first meeting in an aethereal dream realm, covered over with glaze that morning and painted by gibbous moonlight. He’d been startled on seeing it at the foot of the bed come dawn, clay still soft, pieces of it on his hands and on the duvet. Black cloak, emerald eyes, red lips, creamy alabaster skin, gold heels, red panties and large umber nipples. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter Three – Near of Far, Far or Near

Sublime Surrender

Her voice is the voice of Truth…
Her voice is the voice of Reason…
Her voice is the voice of Love…
Her voice is Eternal Love…
Her voice goes with me wherever I am,
No matter how far apart we are…

Far or near,
Near or far,
My heart feels Her here…

-from Affirmations in Service to the Goddess,
by the Priestess Palmystra

* Read more…

A Touch of Krystal Touching My Life

Do you remember you first hypno-crush?

Can you remember the first time you realized there was a woman out there who would gladly hypnotize you?

Can you remember the first mp3 you heard? The first sample? The first time you put yourself in a place to be hypnotized? Read more…

Afternoon Ecstasy (A real life experience)

The anticipation kept building, through the freeway traffic, the checkout line at Victoria Secret, to the long walk to Her door. As i lifted my hand to knock, my knees were quivering in anticipation of what would happen next…
Slowly, but firmly i knocked, then it happened…that marvelous, melodious voice summoned me to enter and i obeyed.
my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit entryway from the bright sunlight. i once again heard the Siren’s call.
“Turn around.”  Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter Two – Now is the Time

Ravar’s heart froze in his chest. He settled for perching one hip on the desk edge, right thigh crossed over left, called for his visitor to enter. As an afterthought he cast his gaze about for his cigarettes, found them.
Something tightened about his crotch, making him gasp, shaft throbbing as blood rushed, beating a pulse in his ears.
The door on the far wall opened, a plump female face showing in the gap, one ginger curl falling free.
“Professor Ravar? Are you busy?”
Busier than you can know, girl… he thought.
He waved her in. Sasha Corvousier came in, masses of ginger hair following after her, shimmying a body used to richer food than his. Her twin, Frederick Corvousier, trailed behind.
“Just finished off some pages for the Printing Guild.” he said, smiled. About 20 odd, they both had sincere and wide freckled faces, “What do you need?”
“We were wondering if you could shed some light on a quote?” she ventured.
He frowned slightly; his arousal was growing, cock pulsing steadily with his heartbeat, trousers a confining prison.
“Which one?”
“The quote you said would be on the exam? About more things in…uh…philosophy.” Read more…


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