A Perfect Day in Gotham City

“Holy Svengali, Batman, we’re trapped!” Robin cried, wriggling vainly against the ropes that bound him to the table.

“Yes, old chum,” replied Batman. “The last thing I remember was walking in to Goddess Marquesa’s lair. There was a voice and then…then…”

“We woke trussed up like chickens ready for roasting.” Read more…

It’s not Shakespeare Goddess, but i hope You like it

It’s a quiet and soft evening
as i lay down on my bed
the player sitting on the nightstand
and the earphones on the pillow
The doors are closed
The curtains are drawn
And i am alone
i lay there on the bed
naked Read more…

Glove`s way

i was sitting and reading at the lobby lounge at my hotel in my second day of vacation, it was at the evening and there was the Woman that i was looking at the Beach taking a tan with tree males around her always.Now,  She was wearing a nice beach dress and sandals, i was wearing bermudas, t shirt and tennis shoes. It was the first time that i saw her alone and She walked  in front of me with a superior smile looking that i was alone but she was to the reception desk,  but She came back and ask me to sit in front of me and i said that is very nice to me, thanks. Then: Read more…


Marquesa worked her hands down his back, squeezing the muscles, kneading away the tension.  He lay on the massage table, a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist.  She sighed as her fingers dug in.  She hoped he would tell her that she could stop soon.  Her hands were sore.  Until then she would keep going.  She had to.  He owned her. Read more…

Tame Your Pet

Smith looked at the woman seated across from him. She was blonde, with piercing green eyes. Magnificent legs sheathed in black silk and crossed alluringly in plain view. Full breasts displayed to enticing effect by a tight satin dress that matched her eyes. Her posture was confident and her demeanor serene, despite how he must look after so many beatings. She looked back at him with an enigmatic smile that projected confidence and calm.
“Who are you?” asked Smith.
“I am Goddess Marquesa,” she replied in a steady, richly captivating voice. Read more…


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