In Service

Ravar’s heart froze in his chest. He settled for perching one hip on the desk edge, right thigh crossed over left, called for his visitor to enter. As an afterthought he cast his gaze about for his cigarettes, found them.
Something tightened about his crotch, making him gasp, shaft throbbing as blood rushed, beating a pulse in his ears.
The door on the far wall opened, a plump female face showing in the gap, one ginger curl falling free.
“Professor Ravar? Are you busy?”
Busier than you can know, girl… he thought.
He waved her in. Sasha Corvousier came in, masses of ginger hair following after her, shimmying a body used to richer food than his. Her twin, Frederick Corvousier, trailed behind.
“Just finished off some pages for the Printing Guild.” he said, smiled. About 20 odd, they both had sincere and wide freckled faces, “What do you need?”
“We were wondering if you could shed some light on a quote?” she ventured.
He frowned slightly; his arousal was growing, cock pulsing steadily with his heartbeat, trousers a confining prison.
“Which one?”
“The quote you said would be on the exam? About more things in…uh…philosophy.” Read more…

Hopelessly in Love

The flight had been on time.  He felt great.  A long, deep sleep – despite his excitement.  The stop-over in Paris had been smooth & the trans-Atlantic journey peaceful & calm.  He’d stretched out on the vacant seats & slept deeply.  Woken.  Drunk some water.  Mentally recited his ‘lesson’ 20 times [as instructed – as if he needed any stimulation his erection hard in his underwear – no tube to keep him in check.  He'd enjoyed the feeling of arousal – a minor temptation................resisted.]  Slept again.  Woke as the Boeing circled LAX.  Immigration & Customs no problem.  He wondered if they’d looked closely at the contents of his baggage.  Hmm.  As Mistress had instructed, he’d brought everything.  All the toys.  Again he felt a thickening in his cock at the prospect.  Read more…

Trick or Treat?

As I got older Halloween became less and less inviting, but more captivating. Let me explain, you see I grew up in a neighborhood where you could trick or treat for blocks and most of the houses participated. They did it right! Big candy bars, m&m’s, homemade treats (from people we knew), even dollar bills.

My friends and I had established an usual route that we ventured off to every Halloween just before dusk. It started at my friend George’s house, because he was the most centrally located. We circled each of the ten blocks as fast as we could, then go back to the houses that offered the best candy, switching up our costumes a little. Yes, we were sneakily little candy hounds. Read more…

Pepper’s Fantasy Phone Call

(Ring… Ring… Ring)


   Good evening Mistress, this is Pepper.

Hi!  Good evening.  How are you?

   Well… Im very good and very excited to be speaking with you.

Very good, My pet.  Ive been thinking of you and Im excited to be talking to you too.  Are you wearing your panties and chastity? Read more…

Mistress Elena

Elena was as stunning as she was kinky. At 50, she still had the body (and the sex drive) of a woman half her age. Blonde, with hypnotically green eyes, long legs and full breasts, she remained the cool, confidant domme who had begun turning older men into groveling slaves before she was a teenager. Read more…


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