Louise’s life hadn’t been a walk in the park on easy street over beds of roses. But with all the ups and downs she’d had to cross-country ski over and the hoops she’d jump through in her lifetime, never had she been even anywhere near as vexed as she was now perpetually frustrated beyond measure. And the source of her seemingly interminable aggravation being the man she’d given her heart to made it all the worse. If her girlfriends comments were an accurate gauge, as husbands go, Archie seemed to be in large part one of the better than average Joes. But there was that one hurdle that she just could not overcome. No matter how often she tried to get around it or what brand spanking newfangled tactic or strategy she used to eliminate it, that apparently insurmountable obstacle was still there. This bloody bane of her existence was infinitesimally close to making her scream her lungs out while pulling out each strand of her luxurious hair by the roots. Read more…


I have watched you put many men under your spell but I am sure you cant do it to me…I can resist

Goddess Marquesa smiled at George I am sure you’re right. You’re probably far too strong-willed to be under my spell.  There is one small problem though Your cock has a mind of its own, you know. It’s been listening to every word I’ve said. And I think that it’s very receptive to obeying and serving me, even if you aren’t. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa Takes Over the Town – Phase 3.5 (Marquesa continues to enthrall the town)

My Dear Readers:  My silly sissy secretary arranged this story in the wrong order for publication.  Please read this installment of “Marquesa Takes Over the Town” before reading Phase 4.


Between her computer program and survey she was quickly taking over the town.  She decided it was time for a TV spot to ensure the entire town would be under her wonderful spell

Her first program hit the air At 8:00 promptly with a small blip, the every TV screen in town came to life. If people were already watching TV it changed to this channel. Translucent letters reading Marquesa Pleasures drifted across the screen in front of a swirling background. Soft music began leaking out of the living room speakers. The beauty of this program was it was special once you looked at it for five second you could not pull your eyes away Read more…

Goddess Marquesa Takes Over the Town – Phase 4

Disclaimer: In this story the fictional character of Marquesa engages in the unethical behavior of using public funds for her personal enrichment. Such unethical behavior, be it by unscrupulous politicians, business persons, or anyone else in regards to the general hard working public is not to My liking.
I do not condone such behavior but enjoyed the rest of the story enough to publish it; BECAUSE IT IS THE AUTHOR’S FANTASY.
I would never use my hypnotic abilities do such a thing. It is NOT My fantasy.


Goddess Marquesa walked into the interview room knowing she was in charge…At the same time George a veteran reported prepared for the interview of a lifetime

George had carefully prepared his notes and had them at the ready he knew what he was going to ask.  He had put on his best suit and a nice red power tie that would look great on camera.  He looked over at Marquesa who was being attended by 10-12 people. They buzzed around her focused on her and only her. Marquesa had come to prominence when she won mayor of her town in a landslide victory she got 90% of the vote which was unprecedented for an unknown candidate.  She was beloved in her town and no one had a bad thing to say about her.  George had to admit the mayor oozed sex appeal. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa Takes over the Town – Phase 3

Goddess Marquesa had a computer program she had used to seduce every councilman
and women who opened the link in her town.  She had control of them she also sent out the computer
program to every person with a computer but that still left a lot of people in her town
with free will.  So she came up with a new plan the marketing blitz Read more…


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