Tricked and Drugged into total submission

Disclaimer: In this story a fictional character engages in the unethical behavior of using drugs to gain control of an unsuspecting subject.
I do not condone such behavior or actually utilize it with My potential slaves. I enjoyed the story enough to publish it; because it is a fairly common fantasy and as a fantasy that’s cool with Me.  😉  It is a fantasy for entertainment purposes, for many of you who may have long time fantasized about such wantonly wicked things.
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A New Beginning, to Serve Marquesa

As I knocked I heard a giggle, or maybe a wicked smile breaking forth through the silence.

“Come in, I have been waiting for you. Because today is going to be a new beginning for you, my pup-pet,” Cooed Marquesa.


I entered warily, not knowing what to expect. My heart was bashing against my chest so loud that i could barely hear M’Lady’s commands. Stunned into silence by the beauty of Marquesa as she revealed herself from out of the corner. My knees went weak. i fell to the ground and knelt before Her glorious presence. my mind was aflutter with thoughts of unworthiness. Suddenly my world stopped as the cool, calming presence of Her velvety soft hand lifted my chin upwards. i was now staring into Marquesa’s glorious green gaze! Blissful revelation danced between my nerve endings.

The longer i stared, the more i realized that only Marquesa could make my mind dance so beautifully! First a tango, then a foxtrot and ended with wickedly wonderful waltz of wonderment. Then She let my chin go and my head bowed in subservience to Her, awaiting Her next wish.

A flashing finger pointed to Her toes and i began kissing, licking, and lightly sucking each toe till She shooed me away.

“To the room slut…  I want you naked in position one before I get there!” She decreed. “Oh and by the way, I have an outfit for you, it will define who you are and always will be when you are in my presence!”

i crawled down the narrow, dimly lit hallway. Knees aching from the tile, mind a blur from Her dominance over me. i began thinking why, oh why was i even here. This is going to be my demise i just know it.

As i turned the corner i could see a black box on Her Altar. i stripped off my clothes, folded them and neatly placed them in the corner with whatever will i had left. i was Hers, not just in fantasy but in reality. Marquesa owned me, She had always known it, i just wasn’t ready to accept my fate.

Kneeling near the altar i got into position One, back and head straight, palms up, eyes down, mouth shut and mind completely open. Waiting for what seemed like an eternity, i dimly heard the click of Her heels on the tile. Then slowly something was being dragged on the floor by her side, a whip, or crop? The clicking became louder, i have to say that is one of the most seductive sexy sounds i have ever heard. i knew that with each click, Marquesa was coming closer to implementing Her will over mine. i wasn’t forced, this is a violation of my rights… Rather it is an enlightenment of my being, realizing my purpose here on earth… being Her slave. i don’t know if She knew this, but could i hide anything from Her…heck i had a hard time surprising Her with gifts. i digress…

Marquesa strolled into the room. Her crop caressed my arm, sliding across my shoulder, up my neck across my cheek and stopped in front of my lips. “Kiss my crop!” She demanded. i kissed and kissed. “Enough, face to the ground. I don’t want you to see your surprise till I can see the look on your face when you embrace this lovely gift I am bestowing on you.”

“Thank You Marquesa! Thank You for this privilege!” i stuttered.

Marquesa giggling, “Privilege, yes, that is just how you will think of it as from now on…”

i heard the rustling of paper as She opened the box. There was an enticing aroma, quite feminine, but pleasant. “Turn and embrace your new life… slave!” Marquesa’s words were so powerful and arousing that i became rock hard complicating my turning to face my new destiny.

“Head up and look at your new outfit, your Maid’s outfit! Or I should be more accurate, your French Maids dress, corset, hat, gloves and heels!” She wickedly laughed.

i was crushed. i didn’t know what to think. me in a frilly, tight French Maids outfit with matching shoes and gloves. my will was gone, but i was completely aroused, Marquesa had me completely. She had taken my will, my body and mind and made them Her’s. She controlled what i thought, how i reacted and now what i wore and my occupation. i was now becoming a permanent part of Her world and She loved it!

“Well, my little girly-boy, put it on… mustn’t keep your Goddess waiting.” She snickered. “What’s the matter? Don’t you know how to put on your outfit? Well, I can help with that… In fact it would be My pleasure to lace you up!”

The corset was tight and pinched, the shoes were unbearable too small, too high, and much too wobbly. The gloves fit, the hat was too small, the nylons felt wonderful, but were tight in all the wrong places. The dress fit me and made Marquesa laugh and sigh with how i had been completely changed to becoming Her’s.

As Marquesa explained the intricacies of my cleaning duties, my clouded mind finally became clear. As i wobbled to the laundry room to get the bucket and rags to hand mop the floor, i saw the light. i saw the most beautiful scenario, it was unimaginable, but there it was right in front of me.

Instantly my demeanor changed. i began to whistle a little tune as i got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed Her bathroom floor. i was serving Marquesa! i was her domestic! She picked me to scrub Her floors, dust her furniture, do Her laundry…. i was Maid to Serve Marquesa!

Now every time i visit Marquesa, She has a “honey do list” for Her French Maid. It usually has me on my knees scrubbing the floors, which i believe it my place in Her world. Maybe i could surprise Her by learning French, or how to cook French Cuisine…




Louise’s life hadn’t been a walk in the park on easy street over beds of roses. But with all the ups and downs she’d had to cross-country ski over and the hoops she’d jump through in her lifetime, never had she been even anywhere near as vexed as she was now perpetually frustrated beyond measure. And the source of her seemingly interminable aggravation being the man she’d given her heart to made it all the worse. If her girlfriends comments were an accurate gauge, as husbands go, Archie seemed to be in large part one of the better than average Joes. But there was that one hurdle that she just could not overcome. No matter how often she tried to get around it or what brand spanking newfangled tactic or strategy she used to eliminate it, that apparently insurmountable obstacle was still there. This bloody bane of her existence was infinitesimally close to making her scream her lungs out while pulling out each strand of her luxurious hair by the roots. Read more…


I have watched you put many men under your spell but I am sure you cant do it to me…I can resist

Goddess Marquesa smiled at George I am sure you’re right. You’re probably far too strong-willed to be under my spell.  There is one small problem though Your cock has a mind of its own, you know. It’s been listening to every word I’ve said. And I think that it’s very receptive to obeying and serving me, even if you aren’t. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa Takes Over the Town – Phase 3.5 (Marquesa continues to enthrall the town)

My Dear Readers:  My silly sissy secretary arranged this story in the wrong order for publication.  Please read this installment of “Marquesa Takes Over the Town” before reading Phase 4.


Between her computer program and survey she was quickly taking over the town.  She decided it was time for a TV spot to ensure the entire town would be under her wonderful spell

Her first program hit the air At 8:00 promptly with a small blip, the every TV screen in town came to life. If people were already watching TV it changed to this channel. Translucent letters reading Marquesa Pleasures drifted across the screen in front of a swirling background. Soft music began leaking out of the living room speakers. The beauty of this program was it was special once you looked at it for five second you could not pull your eyes away Read more…


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