Goddess Marquesa Takes over the Town – Phase 3

Goddess Marquesa had a computer program she had used to seduce every councilman
and women who opened the link in her town.  She had control of them she also sent out the computer
program to every person with a computer but that still left a lot of people in her town
with free will.  So she came up with a new plan the marketing blitz Read more…

Goddess Marquesa takes over the town, Phase 2

Goddess Marquesa had a simple plan. As an expert in hypnosis programming she made a program and sent an email to all the council members who happen to be men. In it she said please review my latest tax proposal, and included a link. “Any feedback would be appreciated,” she told them.

Councilman Nathan looked at the email and clicked on the link. Suddenly the screen blinked, and then Nathan found himself surprised; and he was a man who wasn’t easily surprised, ever, but on the screen in front of him was a video of Goddess Marquesa sitting on a satin covered bed in a very sumptuous room and she was wearing a short sexy negligee. Read more…

Valentine’s Day Vision

As I reached into my mail box I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather dazzling card. The envelope was Candy Apple Red, glossy and was covered with glittery flakes. As I picked it up the flakes seem to stick to my skin and glisten even brighter than before. The return address was an  interesting one:


My Obsequious one

In Obedience to Me

Thralldom, CA Slave

Read more…

Goddess Marquesa Takes over the Town (Phase 1)

Goddess Marquesa was having trouble with the town council over her business; they did not like the idea of having a Hypnotist running in their town. They had used underhanded tactics to close her down including charging special tax rate just for her. She went to a town hall and tried to explain the benefits she could bring to the town but was told everyone was busy. She decided right there and then what she needed to do but first she would need a list of all the town council members and their email addresses.

She went home and got dressed in a sexy outfit and went back to town hall she looked around and found the perfect person for help. He had an office with a name plate marked Eric Johnson town clerk. She went into the office and shut the door he looked up from his computer as soon as his eyes went up her beautiful form she watched them widen slowly moving up her body. She watched as they stopped for a few at the amazing site before his eyes. Read more…

Case Closed

George is a guard at the max security women’s prison. Goddess Marquesa is a prisoner there and has been convicted of stealing 100 million dollars.


I come to your cell with a package.  I slide it through the bars and you open it excited.  I say, “Sorry it’s nothing that’s going to help you escape.”

You smile and say, “Really? We will see a about that.”  You open the package and it’s a pair or 6 inch open toed high heels.  I go to leave and you say, “Wait I want to show you.”  You sit down on the bed and slide off your shoe, then slowly very slowly start sliding off your sock.  For some reason I just stare engrossed by what you are doing.  Finally the sock slides off to reveal these perfectly manicured silver toes.  You slowly slide your foot into the new shoe, and then you repeat the process for the other foot. Read more…


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