Once Upon A Time in A Perfect World

            Ted was distressed. What he had heard being discussed in the restaurant earlier that night had deeply troubled him. He turned on the TV to help take his mind off of his worried thoughts. The news was on.

            “…new statistics show,” Katie Couric was saying, “that since the founding of the Femarchy the gender wage gap has not only closed, but reversed. Before the revolution women earned 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Now that figure looks considerably different, with women out-earning men in comparable employment by between five and ten percent…”

            Ted changed the channel to another news program. “And in political news today,” Candy Crowley’s voice announced over video of a room full of women dressed in suits, “Madam Leader Goddess Marquesa, founder of our Femarchy, met with Her cabinet today to discuss plans for reforming M.A.P.S., the Male Abuser Penal System. Debate was intense over whether inmates should be segregated between violent offenders and verbal harassers, as is currently the practice, or whether the common pathology among both groups required that they be rehabilitated together… Read more…

The Academy

Chapter One


Marquesa’s school was the first of its kind, a revolution of female progression in a world where “feminism” had become a lost cause in recent years as it slowly faded away into oblivion. In its place, an illegitimate and clandestine sister had materialized, her name called “female supremacy,” and she began to play her wicked games in the sub-terrestrial universe of tops and bottoms, fantasies and illicit storylines. Marquesa didn’t entirely approve of these games. Read more…




I had so looked forward to visiting LA again. After living there for 14 years, it was “in my blood”. But circumstances beyond my control, had forced me to move East…Now, a whole months worth of shows had been booked by an LA theatrical agent…“The Master of Comedy Hypnosis” was “going home”…But my partner in the show, Genie, was not going to be there for the first few shows…Her son was suffering from a bout of the flu, and she naturally wanted to be by his side…Consequently, I had agreed to perform “solo” for the first 2 weekends. Read more…

Come Prey

            Brad recognized the woman sitting down the bar from him. He was impressed. She was even sexier in person than she appeared on the internet. He had caught her glancing at him a few times, and decided to make his move.

             Brad gestured to the bartender. “Come here,” he summoned, pressing a twenty and a hand-written note into the bartender’s hand. “Buy the blond whatever she is drinking and give her this. Keep the change.” Read more…

Opening Up

            Hugo Barnes rose from the couch on which he had been laying. “I’m sorry, Goddess, I didn’t achieve trance.”

“No worries, pet. When at first you don’t succeed…” She laughed lightly, projecting an air of total confidence. As Hugo took her in once again he could see the reason for her self-assurance. She had the kind of form that set every cell of a man’s body aquiver with desire. He reached out audaciously and place a hand on her exquisite thigh.


            “I hope you are right, but we have tried three times already. I want desperately to fall under your control, but my mind doesn’t seem able…”

  Read more…


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