The Warning

Harold turned on his light and rose blearily from bed. Mute disorientation and fear were all he was capable of at first. As his mind came into focus and he caught a glimpse of his bedside clock, a thought formed: “Who is ringing my doorbell at three in the morning?”

Pulling on a robe and walking down stairs toward his foyer, he deliberated. The frantic rhythm being stabbed out by his visitor did not bode well. Should he get some kind of weapon? He decided not to panic and to peer through his keyhole before arming himself. What he saw surprised him almost as much as his sudden awakening. Read more…

A Clinical Appointment – Part 2

The alarm was screaming at me to get up and give it a sedative, but i couldn’t. Everything was so confusing, so muddled and I didn’t even remember taking off my clothes….scary. “i need to start drinking less” i muttered to no one in particular. i rolled out of the bed, falling on the floor. Now i could put that alarm out of its misery.


i stumbled toward the bathroom. i picked up my watch, checked the date, Wednesday July 1st…why was that date important? Wednesday!!! What happened to Saturday through Tuesday. “Arrrrgghh!” i moaned.

What happened? Read more…

I Escaped!

World-famous special secret agent [famously unknown throughout the world] super spy assassin Admiral, Squadron Leader, Brigadier-General Sir Michael Snell aka Dick Barton special agent aakkaa GMPU5175 smiled grimly, his steely blue eyes creased in a sardonic, open, arrogant, modest look of respectful condescension.

It had been quite a week.  Read more…

His Arrival

She hadn’t intended to meet him.

In fact, she had taken a conscious decision not to.

He was perfectly capable of getting a cab, after performing a little ‘task’ at the airport to ensure that when he arrived, he would be properly – appropriately – prepared for her initial interview.

She loved first meetings.  All the hours, weeks – months even – of preparation now coming to fruition.  When she took control.  Total control.  Complete and utter domination.  And that wonderful moment when they realised that they really were going to become a submissive slave.  The realisation that, in fact, the process had begun a long time ago.  That it was now well progressed & irresistible.  She loved it when they felt the jaw-dropping reality that SHE was in control.  Of them.  And it was now just a matter of time.  Always slowed down, so that they experienced every last element of the step-by-step process which would render them hopelessly, helplessly – but always consciously – aware of their fate & the terrifying [for some of them – hah! – s.o.b.’s who had thought they were ‘playing’ her or just playing along] realisation that sooner or later [depending on her whim – slow or quick – but not too quick] they would succumb.  Utterly.  Deliciously [for her] and – depending on her whim & his performance – quite possibly exciting – & assuredly instructive for him. Read more…

A Clinical Appointment

Disclaimer: In this story a fictional character engages in the unethical behavior of using drugs to gain control of an unsuspecting subject.
I do not condone such behavior or actually utilize it with My potential slaves. I enjoyed the story enough to publish it; because it is a fairly common fantasy and as a fantasy that’s cool with Me. 😉 It is a fantasy for entertainment purposes, for many of you who may have long time fantasized about such wantonly wicked things.


The new clinic had just opened down the street. I drove past it for weeks and never saw anyone enter or exit the building. There was however a beautiful blue  1965 Corvette Stingray convertible in the same space each day.

It was the car that drew me in! That beautiful blue, white top, black leather seats, and a walnut steering wheel. Oh the engine, if only I could see and hear it…a big block V-8 427…

Oh that car could fly.  Read more…


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