Sinking in Marquesa’s Hypnotic Love Spell

As i paused from my domestic duties to wipe the sweat off my brow, i began to ponder how i got lured so deep in this pool of persuasiveness. i am treading water with no hope of rescue. i am over my head and there is no longer guard, there is only to keep moving my arms and legs, or succumb to the inevitable deep bliss of Her Voice…. Read more…

Interview with a Goddess

The following is a transcript of an interview recorded by one of our correspondents, Carter Smith. The subject is Goddess Marquesa, an erotic hypnotist.



CS: Thank you for taking this interview with me today.


GM: That is quite all right. I have read your journal for many years; I was surprised that you would take an interest in my work. Read more…


The following is not a story.  It is a genuine vacancy announcement.

Goddess Marquesa and Lady Krystal Mesmer have need of a VERY responsible person with word processing computer skills and the willingness to learn how to post stories and diary entries to the Hypno Erotica web site.  The web site is written in WordPress so it is not difficult to use.

This is not a large commitment of your personal time. 

Instruction and training can be given, if needed.

Would you like to show your devotion and desire to Goddess Marquesa or Lady Krystal in a tangible manner?

Do you enjoy coming to this site and reading these arousing and enthralling stories?

Would you like to help your Mistress keep the Hypno Erotica site running?

Of course you would!

To inquire about applying for this position contact either Goddess Marquesa or Lady Krystal through the “Contacts” button at the top of the screen.

How exciting! Now you can Explore and expand the entrancing and ensorcelling limits of your personal relationship with Goddess Marquesa or Lady Krystal!

Over the Rainbow

“Tell me what brought you here,” Goddess Marquesa said. I shuffled nervously in my seat and took a sip of the drink she had poured for me, my throat suddenly dry.
“I want…I yearn to experience genuine slavery,” I answered.
She smiled, her green eyes flashing a mixture of amusement and understanding. “Yes, I can sense that,” she replied. “But why me? We have never met, never spoken. This seems rather impulsive. I am very flattered, of course, but this is a serious step to take on a whim…” Read more…


I am a very bad man, thus in a sense none of this should have come as a surprise. When one makes a “living” out of killing, karma is bound to catch up eventually. Even so, if you had given me a thousand chances to guess how it would all end, I would never have landed on this.
When I learned that my target was a “Goddess” I actually laughed. That was how far gone I was. Murdering a divinity seemed like kicks. Something new for the scrapbook. Read more…


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