Goddess Marquesa smiled benevolently at the man seated across from her. “Calm down,” she soothed. “Everything is all right.” The man was trembling. He glanced around the dark bar, scanning to see if he had been recognized despite the hat and dark glasses he wore.

“What have you done to me?” he asked. “What was in that bottle?” Read more…


Elena was as stunning as she was kinky. At 50, she still had the body (and the sex drive) of a woman half her age. Blonde, with hypnotically green eyes, long legs and full breasts, she remained the cool, confidant domme who had begun turning older men into groveling slaves before she was a teenager.
Jack was one of The Chosen Few, a group of half a dozen carefully selected slaves who had the privilege of serving Elena. Inclusion in the group was the result of merciless (and never-ending) testing. Read more…

Lana, from babysitter to Mistress, Part II

Lana looked down at young Dan kneeling, subserviently, before her, helplessly captured by her beauty and sensuality. Her mind flashed back to the hypnosis stories she had read earlier in the day and wondered if Big Dan’s constant rereading of them might make him susceptible to mesmerism, even if attempted by a novice, such as herself. “In for a dime, in for a dollar “, she thought, as she grabbed the boy by the hair and kissed him roughly. She felt him weaken in her arms. “Get into the closet, and stand there … you may masturbate if the urge hits you but stay in the closet and stay silent. Do you understand . Slave Boy ?” Read more…

High Stake Trick-or-Treat or A Sucker Every Minute: A Goddess Marquesa Halloween Escapade


The heavy oaken door of the looming gothic mansion creaked open slowly, revealing a dimly lit foyer strewn with dust and cobwebs. “You are expected,” rasped the ancient butler standing in the portal, his stony features icily unmoved by the sight of the beautiful woman standing before him. Green eyes flashed as she reciprocated her dry welcome with a dazzling smile. “I’m so glad,” she replied, her voice lush with tones of poise and experience, “I’ve been so looking forward to meeting the Count.” Read more…

A Perfect Day in Gotham City

“Holy Svengali, Batman, we’re trapped!” Robin cried, wriggling vainly against the ropes that bound him to the table.

“Yes, old chum,” replied Batman. “The last thing I remember was walking in to Goddess Marquesa’s lair. There was a voice and then…then…”

“We woke trussed up like chickens ready for roasting.” Read more…


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