The Green Bottle

In Marquesa’s lovely home of devious delights is a small green crystal bottle… Do not be deceived, the bottle may be small but what it contains will shock you.  Marquesa, sweet, innocent, devious delightful Marquesa may invite you for a visit. By all means visit Her, bring Her presents, spoil Her give Her reason to smile and maybe She will show You the wonders of that unique piece of glass… Read more…

O Muse

There is no narrative without memory, and so for me the story begins when I woke up on the floor, curled up naked on the carpet at the foot of my queen-size bed. It had been a deep, dreamless sleep. Drool had dried on the corner of my mouth and still soaked part of the shag under my cheek. I was disoriented for several minutes, as one sometimes is upon awakening in a strange hotel room on vacation. The fact that I was seeing my own bedroom from a completely new angle deepened my sense of dislocation: creating the queasy clash of the familiar and the unfamiliar in the same glance.

Shakily I rose to my feet and looked about. Late morning sun streamed in through my un-shaded window. By its light I could see the outline of a figure in my bed. As my eyes focused I could see it was a woman. My mind was just beginning to process how beautiful she was when, without stirring or opening her eyes, she spoke. Read more…


It happened at a crowded outdoor café on an unseasonably warm sunny afternoon. She was seated alone at the table across from me, directly in my line of sight, but that did not excuse the brazenness with which I stared at her. I can’t remember which of us sat down first. I had been daydreaming over my latte, savoring the chance to be out of the office for a while, when I noticed her.

Read more…


“I didn’t come here because I want you,” I lied.

Goddess Marquesa laughed. I wondered then if she could read my thoughts. That was silly. A woman who has inspired so much desire in so many men can read the signs. The air of lust must have been surrounding me so thickly that I fairly reeked of it, so that even someone with senses less attuned than hers could see it. But I was naïve and deeply in denial enough to believe that she must have some special sensitivity to pierce my disguise. Read more…


Goddess Marquesa smiled benevolently at the man seated across from her. “Calm down,” she soothed. “Everything is all right.” The man was trembling. He glanced around the dark bar, scanning to see if he had been recognized despite the hat and dark glasses he wore.

“What have you done to me?” he asked. “What was in that bottle?” Read more…


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