Marquesa worked her hands down his back, squeezing the muscles, kneading away the tension.  He lay on the massage table, a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist.  She sighed as her fingers dug in.  She hoped he would tell her that she could stop soon.  Her hands were sore.  Until then she would keep going.  She had to.  He owned her. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 7 – To What End – Pt. 2

Trembling after what he could only call the ‘unimaginable pleasure’, Ravar regarded his new Goddess with a hungry gaze; that it was the mere snapping of her fingers made it all the more decadent. She stood a foot taller than him on her golden high heels, skin of creamy alabaster hue, wearing a short leather wrap-around skirt, red thigh high sheer lace stockings, a red vest, bra cupping breasts as large as his head sticking an inch out of the vest. Blonde curls cascaded down from her head in sumptuous lion-mane like style to her bosom. Her face was just as the one he’d seen before the temple, but infinitely more lovely. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 6 – To What End – Pt. 1

Freshly shaved, showered, dressed and all round clean, Ravar walked down the steps that followed the square contours of his house, went past the hallway of the upper floor, and entered the open plan downstairs. A steady thrumming buzz filled the place, a riot of pollen born haze everywhere.

Hornets without number flitted here and there in lazy trails, alien and strange in their bright jackets; orange, red, yellow, even a few blue and black ones. Red roses and purple orchids, those plants offered to the only Goddess, were set out in rectangular plots on the windowsills around the place. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 5 – Meeting Requirements (Corrected Chapter 5)

Sweating in the desert lands is a common enough thing.
Chafing is a natural accompaniment.
Add in a manhood that will be hard all month, one that needs to be strapped down, and the situation becomes of a new order.

Ravar strode through the networked honeycomb of side streets off the main districts towards his house. At least, he tried to stride, but limped instead. His left leg dragged, tumescent glans rubbing painfully on the sheath where it had slipped by a fraction. Wincing, he lifted his foot awkwardly. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 4 – The Closeness of Confession (Correct Chapter 4)

Ravar gulped, shuffled, wondered if she could sense the thoughts forming in his brain.

“Ahh. I always wondered how you ladies found your way about.” he said at last, having failed to come up with something witty.

“Did you think I was incapable of such when you helped me in the Bazaar?” she asked softly.

He remembered that day well, for it was the night when he’d pledged allegiance, and more, to the Goddess. Laying with a whore in a slum brothel, west of the then closed Bazaar, he’d been taken to new levels of ecstasy. Amidst post-coital lassitude, he’d asked her where she’d learned her trade, being so amazed at her unearthly skill. Read more…


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